The sound of possibilities.

Santa Barbara County
Pinot Noir

750 ML ALC. 14.2% by VOL.

Dial Tone?

Do you remember what a dial tone sounded like? It was the sound of possibilities. A dial tone was the beginning of you asking that girl out on a date. It was the start of you catching up with your daughter who was away at college for the first time. A dial tone was what you first heard when you called your parents and told them you were engaged.

When you heard that hum you knew you were about to be brought together with someone. This wine is like that. Dial Tone Pinot Noir is meant to bring people together. Open a bottle on that date, share a glass with your daughter when she comes home from college, and drink it while celebrating your life with someone.

Possibilities. They all start with a Dial Tone.

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